B Team

A modern arcade game played using iOS devices to control dogfighting spaceships on a larger television or projector. Players draw paths on their multitouch screens to plan and execute complicated maneuvers. Drawing longer paths gives rewards like speed boosts and enhanced weapon power.

B Team is a light arcade game, but is competitive and well balanced. The split screen experience allows you to make moves quickly in a novel control scheme. It was made as a final project for Paolo Pedercini's Experimental Game Design studio course. Up to four friends can battle it out in any of four ships, each with their own strengths and weaknesses:


B Team gameplay is focused primarily on movement and planning. By drawing a path on your touchscreen, you can plan moves for your ship in advance. Planning far enough ahead grants you speed and weapons bonuses. Basic attacks fire themselves, and each player has a special bomb they have to time carefully.

Powerups appear in randomly in the middle section of the map, encouraging players to break out of chasing each other by providing an additional secondary objective.