Pursuing my passions at Apple. My work is characterized by the intersection of design and technology, primarily in the form of physical, interactive objects. I enjoy woodworking, boats, and fresh-grown California vegetables. In boardgame design, I create games filled with interesting decisions and a high level of player interaction. Interested in learning more about my games? Sign up for my email list.

Other Stuff:

During my time at Carnegie Mellon University, I designed for Lunar Gala, a student fashion design exhibition, performed in charity musicals, and built a lot of very silly things.

I was a mechanic for SigEp Racing, helping build and maintain our fleet of buggies for Carnegie Mellon’s annual Sweepstakes races. A buggy (pictured above) is a high-performance racing vehicle designed to be lightweight and maneuverable. Construction includes advanced work in composite materials fabrication and prototyping. I've also been a pusher for the Carnegie Involvement Association buggy team. For more information on buggy, please visit