Up: Journey to Paradise Falls

Project Overview:

The Up booth, a fan project based on the Disney-Pixar film, was built in Spring 2013. This two-story installation recreated experiences from the movie, beginning with a game in which visitors flew Carl Fredricksen's house out of the city. Vistors continued through the Fredricksen living room to a working waterfall, followed by a trip through the jungle, where they are greeted by an animatronic Kevin bird. The booth concludes inside the Spirit of Adventure dirigible, featuring a photobooth I designed.

The primary interactive was accessible to children as young as 4, putting them in the driver's seat as they control the house by cranking an antique coffee grinder.

We spent a lot of love and care in recreating little details and positioning from inside the film to bring the magic of UP to life. I did a lot of the installation work on the downstairs room that recreated Carl Fredrickson's home, including upholstering Fred and Ellie's iconic chairs.

Upstairs, I also created a photobooth in the "Spirit of Adventure" zeppelin room to take photos of our 8000+ visitors during the course of the installation.

There were around 60 people who helped in some way with the UP Booth. A special thanks to our booth chairs, William Misitano and Winston Avil. The following section lists specific collaborators for my projects.

Game Lead:   Andy Biar

Game Art Lead:   Eric Mackie

Downstairs Installation Team:    Brandon Dzirko, Robert Cross, Rick Shanor, Richard Barber, Robbie Murcek

Spirit of Adventure Installation:    Brett Perl, Junki Nakayama, Rohan Agashe