Social Media Buzzword Bot

Project Overview:

The Social Media Buzzword Bot (SMBB) is a platform-agnostic twitter bot that detects social media keywords by polling twitter. It then is supposed to respond if the tweeter is deemed an influencer (as determined by their Klout score, which as we all know, is the ultimate value of one’s worth as a human being). The SMBB is interactive, with a focus on dynamic responses based on user-generated content. The content of the responses is constructed from a series of crowdsourced responses to ensure authenticity. SYNERGY SYNERGY SYNERGY, SYNERGY SYNERGY, SYNERGY SYNERGY.


Tweets Sent: 1314
Followers: 36
Replies: 24
Retweets: 16
Average Followers of each Account Retweeting: 927
Total Impressions: approx. 16153

More in Depth:

The now defunct Social Media Buzzword Bot (@BuzzwordBot on twitter) searches twitter for any of the following keywords:

go viral, going viral
user-generated content
earned media
authenticity, authentic branding
conversion rate
twitter ROI
facebook ROI
web 2.0
information superhighway
cloud computing
government 2.0
social capital

Then, @BuzzwordBot decides whether or not tweet back. If it does, it has a 20% chance of tweeting a generic response: such as

Here, it inserts the keyword searched for into one of three generic phrases. Otherwise, it goes into a more specific response, where it chooses randomly between a couple responses customized to the keyword. I’ve selected a few below:

Process Overview:

There are a few things in this world for which I reserve a special ire. Soggy French Fries. Uncomfortable Chairs. Internet Marketing Buzzwords.

I started the SMBB in the week after Carnegie Mellon's Spring Break. Over break, a lot of my friends went to SXSW, which meant that my twitter feed was suddenly clogged with buzzword-filled retweets of various social media and internet marketing firms, people talking about Klout scores, etc, etc.

I decided to build a commentary on internet marketing buzzwords using as many social media buzzwords as possible. I started by picking a platform (twitter a natural choice), then decided I would automate some system to comment snarky things about the overuse of buzzwords on twitter. I also wanted to ensure I would be using as many buzzwords as possible in the implementation of my project. I began with some nice crowdsourcing to come up with snarky replies and figure out what people hated about marketing buzzwords, then coded and released my project into the wild.

Reactions to BuzzwordBot:

Some People Enjoyed BuzzwordBot:

Some were small retweeters:

Others had a decent number of followers:

Some didn’t appreciate the snark:

And some REALLY didn’t appreciate it:

Others liked the humor:

For some, it was the social commentary aspect:

Some sympathized with it:

Some even agreed with it:


BuzzwordBot was shut down by twitter as of April 2nd, 2012 for violations of the terms of use policy. It lives on in my heart.