On the Changing Positivity of Full

A classic optimist describes the glass as “half full”, a classic pessimist decribes the glass as “half empty”.1 I am a convert to a digital lifestyle, “a world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of the baud”2 . Our lives and our memories are limited only by the containers in which we put […]

Reflections on Pittsburgh’s Last Steel Factory

A therapist I used to see once compared college to being in an open water race. All around you, people are furiously chopping through the water. It’s hard going – you can tell that they, too are spending a lot of effort to travel. You look at them and try to move your arms, your legs. […]

The World’s Greatest Google Doc: The Story of Shit Ideas

When I was little, I went through a phase in which I had but one purpose: become an Inventor1. To me, Inventor was a perfectly clear career path, right up there with Train Conductor and Cooker-Man2. Inventors were uniquely qualified to create something from nothing, responsible for dreaming up new and fantastic things. In the […]

The Promise of the Stars

There’s a reassurance you can get from looking at the stars. A sense of scale and wonder, true, but mostly a promise. Centuries passed when mankind guided themselves by the light of these same stars, and for all our failings, there is still something put there that can show us the path when we have […]

People Who Get Me: Chromeo

This post is the first in a series about my influences, entitled People Who Get Me. Chromeo gets me. First – just listen to this: Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate that David Macklovitch and Patrick Gemayel perform under the names “Dave 1” and “P-Thugg”, among my favorite stage names of all time. They […]

The Philosophy of Not Work

For the past four years, I’ve participated in Carnegie Mellon’s annual themed entertainment competition, Booth. It’s a rewarding and frenetic effort that culminates in building structures like these: Each booth features a themed game, and my fraternity typically produces original video games each year. The game team is headed by a game chair, typically with […]

The Uncomfortable Chair Problem

Last fall, my friend James1 and I were talking about the general state of design and why certain types of bad design exist. This blog post is born out of that conversation.   Good design is not an inevitable future. There is this viewpoint espoused by many designers that the world will be a much better […]


What if instead of falling apart, things instead began to fall together? This blog will primarily be a place for me to collect thoughts about design, life, and my approach to both, as well as some occasional WIP shots or random projects.