Advanced Playtesting Methods and Practices

In this recording of a live session from the Boardgame Design Lab’s 2019 Ignite Conference, I dive into techniques and methods for designers who want more out of their time spent playtesting. More on the Ignite conference: of my work:

Brieger Development and the Studio Model

It’s been a pretty wild ride in boardgame development since I’ve left Apple. I’ve been thinking hard about what’s next for me and for my business, and wanted to share some of that with you. For those of you who aren’t familiar, I focus on development of titles for small and medium size publishers, refining […]

How to Accelerate Your Boardgame Career and Ruin Your Life

August 9th, 2018 Adapted from my Twitter thread. Recently, I announced that I was leaving my job as a User Experience designer and User Researcher at Apple to freelance in the boardgame industry and spend more time with my family. While I’ve loved working for Apple, I’m looking forward to having lower pressure and a […]

Playtest Like a Researcher: Basics of Observational Playtesting

There isn’t a formal term to cover the set of boardgame playtesting techniques that are about observations of play rather than post-game feedback or questionaires. I’d like to propose “Observational Playtesting”. For me, these techniques have strong parallels with observational research in a number of other disciplines, such as anthropology, behavioral economics, and cognitive psychology. […]

Working on Multiple Games

Now obviously, a lot of great games have been made by designers who have only worked on a single game at a time, but below represents a few good reasons why you should have more than one thing going at once. I am currently actively testing 4 games (meaning I run at least 1 playtest […]

4 Myths about Playtesting:

I am fanatic about testing my games. My background is in design and design research and I run user studies for a major retailer. User experience design all about analyzing behaviors and using data from studies to drive change, and techniques from UX research have been incredibly valuable in my playtesting and design process for […]

Great Mistakes Incorporated Reports Record First Year Results

Shit Ideas Greenhouse Brainstorming Sessions, Food Prototyping, Critique Services & Dolls for Dads Drive Record All-time Revenue Results Produce Record Annual Profit of $0.00 Billion For immediate release: NEW YORK, New York — February 6, 2016 — Great Mistakes Incorporated today announced financial results for its fiscal 2015 year ended December 31st, 2015. The Company […]

Shitty is the New Black:

I’ve written before about the brainstorming session I attend each week with the incomparable Shit Ideas Greenhouse. Thought I’d add a peek inside the crazy. Join us as we talk dolls for dads: